About us

Green Vector Capital

Professional management

The fund’s assets are managed by a professional team with unique expertise in investments and corporate finance.

Thorough Evaluation

The fund’s portfolio comprises projects with a clear business model, high potential return and predictable risks.


We support companies that do not only generate profit but also make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Green Vector Capital is a Private Equity Impact fund focusing on recycling and ecology projects in Russia, Eastern Europe, and CIS. Having worked with green companies, we have gained deep industry expertise and understanding of key trends and growth opportunities in the field of environmental protection and waste recycling. This allows us to pick projects with a well-thought-out business concept, cutting-edge technology, high growth potential, and environmental efficiency.

Investment Approach

We search for green companies with untapped potential, unlock their value and boost their efficiency.

  • Our Mission

    Our passion is to make the world more clean and sustainable while bringing value to the investors, and we use this as a guiding principle in our strategy and day-to-day work.

  • Our Focus

    We help promising companies with a focus on ecology and recycling to scale up their business by developing technology and getting them to a new level of project development and profitability.
    Green Vector Capital participates in shaping up development strategies of portfolio companies, facilitates implementation of transparent financial reporting and better corporate governance practices, and helps in raising debt funding. Some of the Green Vector Capital projects have already successfully offered their bonds in the Russian primary market.

  • Investment Criteria

    When selecting projects for investing, we focus on the following key investment criteria:
    • A breakthrough product that helps address a challenge present in the market.
    • High thresholds for entering the target market, difficulty in copying the technology.
    • A possibility to scale up the project.
    • Availability of technology that is implemented successfully on an industrial scale somewhere in the world.
    • A high target return.
    • Environmental and social importance of the project.
    • High economic potential of the market segment.
    • Presence of infrastructure and expert teams in the fund’s portfolio companies.

Our Projects

Green Vector Capital portfolio

  • Nov 16 2021

    One of the largest Russian plastic recycling operators and manufacturers of raw materials for polymer production

  • Nov 16 2020

    A specialized company focused on recycling and disposal of waste generated by the oil producing and refining industry

  • Nov 16 2019

    A Russian company specializing in implementation and optimization of separate waste collection at enterprises and offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg

  • Nov 16 2018

    Specialized company set up to operate a biogas plant for recycling organic waste and producing fertilizer at a city sewage treatment plant

  • Dec 15 2013

    The first network of biogas plants to recycle sludge from sewage treatment plants and agricultural organic waste in Russia