Plastic waste recycling

ABIS is one of the largest Russian plastic recycling operators and manufacturers of raw materials for polymer production.

The company entered the Russian plastic waste recycling market in 2015. The year 2017 became a landmark in its development with a new team on board. Over the year, the new team managed to increase finished product sales by 12.6 times and boost the company’s revenue by 12.1 times.

In 2021, ABIS was passed over to Green Vector Capital.

Today ABIS is one of the largest players in the industry. The company has 8 production lines, and is successfully employing technology for recycling a wide range of secondary polymers. The company’s finished product shipments exceed 24,000 tonnes per year, which is strong performance for the industry.

Market potential

About 70 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) is generated in Russia every year. Almost 90% of this waste ends up in landfill sites and just 10% is recycled. The Ecology national project sets goals to increase recycling: by 2030, 100% of waste must be sorted and 49.5% must be recycled.
This creates a huge growth potential for the plastic recycling market in Russia.

One important competitive edge of the company is its stable raw material base built due to established partnerships with the biggest suppliers in the industry.

The ABIS client base includes over 50 regular clients, such as large and medium producers of goods made of recycled PET. Apart from that, the company is a partner of global brands in Russia (such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Mars, Procter&Gamble, JTI, and others) on extended producer responsibility.

The company’s revenue has been growing steadily over the past years; the focus on manufacturing high margin products has allowed ABIS to increase its EBITDA year-on-year. Strong performance of its key financials allowed the Russian rating agency Expert RA to upgrade the company’s credit rating to ruBB+ with a stable outlook.

Following the 2020 results, the company adopted an updated development strategy entailing the launch of a new high margin product type and entering the stretch wrap market. Launching a new facility and reaching full production capacity will allow the company to have doubled the current shipment volumes of finished products by 2024.

Key facts

Sector plastic recycling
Production capacity 8 lines for recycling PET waste, producing flakes, ribbons, granules.
Finished product shipment > 24,000 tonnes per year
Supplier base 250+ raw material suppliers
Credit rating ruBB+ with a stable outlook from Expert RA
Revenue RUB 1.95 billion in 2021